bulletSME 3012 #51822
bulletGarrard 301#17088
bulletTechnics SP-10 mk 2
bulletEAR 834P Deluxe
bulletOne-piece Wood plinth
bulletDU 937 Multiconverter
bulletShock for EMT 927
bulletPrimare DVD26 #901
bulletEMT 930st
bulletGarrard 401
bulletEMT 930st
bulletGarrard 401
bulletGarrard 401 Boxed
bullet50Hz EMT 930st Boxed
bulletLINN LP12 Upgrade
bullet50Hz EMT 930st
bulletEMT 930st
bulletEMT 930 Restored
bulletRestored Garrard 401
bulletEMT 930st Turntable
bulletGarrard 301 #689
bulletRestored Garrard 301
bulletEMT 930 #261
bulletEMT 930st #437
bulletTechnics SP-10 mk 2
bulletGarrard 401 #085
bulletEMT 927st #203
bulletVPI Traveler
bulletVPI Classic 1
bulletNottingham Dais #315
bulletNAS Anna Log #153
bulletSpacedeck + MC20
bulletJBL S2800 Center
bulletJBL 4343B
bulletHarbeth P3ESR
bulletJBL C56 (L101 Lancer)
bulletGamuT Phi 3
bulletJBL UT-405 Super Tweet
bulletHarbeth C7ES-3
bulletGenesis Ribbon Driver
bulletTransparent Ultra Spk
bulletHarbeth M30.1 CDC
bulletLector ZOE Valve
bulletAntique Sound Lab
bulletconrad-johnson ET2
bulletMcIntosh 275C
bulletAntique Sound Lab
bulletMcIntosh MA7000
bulletNaim 5i
bulletNaim 5i-2
bulletNaim 5i-2
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bulletNaim 5i-2 (italic)
bulletMcIntosh MA7000
bulletKlaudio KD-CLN-LP200
bulletVPI HW-16.5
bulletMusical Fidelity X-LPS
bulletTom Evans The Groove
bulletTom Evans The Groove
bulletMusical Fidelity X-LPS
bulletclear audio smart
bulletMusical Fidelity X-LPS
bulletWadia 301 Boxed
bulletEAR 88PB
bulletASR Mini Basis EX
bulletEAR 88PB Phono #226
bulletEMT TSD 15 SFL
bulletMiyajima Madake #085
bulletDynavector XV-1s
bulletDynavector DV-10X5
bulletShelter 501 #267
bulletShelter 501 #265
bulletEMT 139st b
bulletSME M2-12R
bulletOrtofon AS-212S
bulletSME M2-12R
bulletOrtofon AS-212S
bulletSME M2-12R
bulletLINN EKOS #500
bulletRoksan Nima
bulletSME V-12 #047
bulletOrtofon RS309D
bulletSME 3012 NOS
bulletSME 3012 #833
bulletHelius Scorpio 4
bulletSME 3009 S2 #117
bulletSME 3012 (NOS)
bulletortofon RS309D
bulletEMT 139st b
bulletSME 3009 #107
bulletDENON DL-A100, DP-L100
bulletLP12 + VALHALLA
bulletNottingham Hyperspace
bulletVPI Scoutmaster Sig.
bulletLP12 + ITTOK LV III
bulletLP12 + CIRKUS
bulletLP12 + HERCULES
bulletARCUS + Morch
bulletRega RP6 Exact
bulletSpacedek + UP-4
bulletLP12 + KLYDE
bulletMicro Seiki DDX-1000
bulletLP12 B + ITTOK LV II
bulletLINN LP12 Boxed
bulletLP12 Boxed
bulletLP12 + BASIK
bulletLP12 + BASIK
bulletLINN LP12 + ITTOK
bulletLP12 + LINGO
bulletLINN LP12 + AKITO
bulletOriginal Garrard 401
bulletSONDEK LP12
bulletGarrard 401 #077
bulletGarrard 301 #254
bulletOriginal 301 #094
bulletGarrard 301 W2
bulletLINN LP12 #331
bulletLINN LP12 #365
bulletClearaudio Concept
bulletLP12 #057 + Setup
bulletNottingham Spacedek
bulletLP12 #331 + EKOS
bulletLINN LP12 #425
bulletGarrard 301#094w5
bulletLP12 #310
bulletNottingham Dais
bulletGarrard 401 #797
bulletGarrard 301 #86
bulletLINN LP12 #555
bulletNottingham Interspace
bulletClearaudio #105
bulletLINN LP12 #694
bulletLINN LP12 #376
bulletVPI Classic SE #168
bulletVPI Ring Clamp
bulletNottingham Spacedeck
bulletLINN LP12 #825
bulletGarrard 301 #689 W9
bulletLINN LP12 #866
bulletCDC HI-END
bulletTELARC DG 10041 LP
bulletLINN LINGO 3 #135
bulletGarrard 301 #529
bulletLINN LP12 #685
bulletGarrard 401 #04E
bulletLINN LP12 #730
bulletHarbeth SHL5
bulletAnna Log + Madake
bulletLINN LP12 #833
bulletGarrard 301 #506
bulletSME 3012 Series II
bulletGarrard 301 #708
bulletShelter 201 #487
bulletGarrard 401 #375
bulletThorens 309 + Elite
bulletNAS Spacedeck
bullet301 Grease + 3012
bulletGarrard 301 Candy
bulletSpacedeck + Klyde
bulletThorens TD 203
bulletHarbeth C7ES-3 #288
bulletThorens TD160B
bulletShock-absorbing 927
bulletNAS Anna Log #154
bullet301 Grease + Teak
bulletLINN LP12 #387
bulletLINN LP12 #646
bulletGarrard 401 CM3
bulletNAS Space 294
bulletThe GROOVE Phono
bulletTD 206 + 2M Red
bulletProAc 1SC #169
bulletKEF CODA
bulletJBL 2441
bulletJBL LE85
bulletProAc 1SC #361
bulletRogers LS3/5a #356
bulletLINN LP12 #925
bulletLINN LP12 #367
bulletGarrard 301 #CM5
bulletTannoy Turnburry #449
bulletTannoy STiRLiNG
bulletProAc 1SC #384
bulletRogers LS3/5a
bulletLINN LP12 #808
bulletGarrard 401 CM4
bulletGarrard 301 #150
bulletCreek Evo 5350
bulletLINN LP12 #818
bulletNOS Lenco GL59
bulletGarrard 401 #433
bulletGarrard 301 LP #1
bulletThorens TD 124
bulletOrtofon AS 309i
bulletEMT 927st #813
bulletSME Series III #317
bulletTechnics SP-10 mk 2
bulletGarrard 301 Ivory
bulletEMT 938 #624
bulletNOS GE VR1000-7
bulletEMT TSD 15 vdH
bulletLuxman L-507uX
bulletLINN LP12 #915
bulletEMT 930st #203
bulletLondon Grey Cartridge
bulletOriginal Thorens 124
bulletVPI Scout #301
bulletNottingham Interspace
bulletLINN BASIK #158
bulletEMT 927st #706
bulletWadia 860 White
bulletOrtofon RF 297
bulletLINN LP12 #758
bulletHarbeth Super Tweeter
bulletNAS Spacedeck 12"
bulletJBL 2405H
bulletThorens TD 350
bulletLINN LP12 #598
bulletPlinius 2100i Int
bulletLINN LP12 #776
bulletEMT TSD 15SFL
bulletCreek OBH 18
bulletNottingham Spacedeck
bulletLINN AXIS #276
bulletTD 203 PROMOTION
bulletLenco L 78 SE
bulletLINN LP12 + AKITO
bulletGarrard 301 #216
bulletSME 20/2 #131
bulletLINN LP12 #805
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bulletSME 3012 S II
bulletLINN KLYDE #68
bulletOrtofon MC20 Super
bulletEAR 834P
bulletProAc 1SC Maple
bulletOrtofon MC-1 Turbo
bulletNaim Uniti
bulletLINN LP12 #545
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bulletnaim NAP 250DR
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bulletLINN LP12 #77673
bulletFidelity Research FR-64s
bulletTechnics SP-10
bulletGarrard 301 #4713
bulletEMT 930st #3600
bulletLavardin Naim
bulletOriginal SME 3012
bulletEMT 930st #9300
bulletProAc 1SC #4163
bulletLINN LP12 #089349
bulletAnalogMagik Software
bulletDino Digital Microscope
bulletWadia 861 CD Player
bulletGoldring Cartridge


 SOLD 220V/50Hz BENZ MICRO LUKASCHEK PP1 MC Phono Stage ทดลองฟังก่อนตัดสินใจได้ครับ สอบถามเพิ่มเติม โทร. 084 560 3199

The small size of the PP-1 allows close placement to the turntable, minimizing signal leads from the tonearm. 
The whole power supply is inboard the PP-1 chassis except for an external power transformer, which is outboard to eliminate magnetic field interaction. 
The miniature size also allows all circuit components to be very close to one another.
This significantly reduces circuit board traces, which could introduce noise and sonic degradation. 
The PP-1 is optimized for moving coil amplification, thus does not provide switches and/or jumpers for gain setting or resistive loading. 
This elimination of unneeded circuit junction points preserves the low noise/high performance characteristics of this superb phono preamp.
By using only two transistors in each amplifier stage, perfect stability and extreme fast transient response is achieved. 
This provides the high degree of transparency and accuracy of the PP-1. 
High quality double-sided glass epoxy circuit boards with carefully designed topology (CAD) have been applied in order to ensure shortest possible signal paths. 
Low-noise, matched bipolar transistors were selected for this purpose. All resistors are high quality metal film with 1% tolerance. 
Within the RIAA network, only 1% polystyrene capacitors have been used, with high quality metalized plastic-film capacitors in the coupling function.
Each channel of the input amplifier stage works around a phase non-inverting two-stage negative feedback amplifier. 
Available gain is set at 40dB and the upper frequency limit has been set at 650kHz/-3dB.
 Input impedance has been set at 22k ohm in order to eliminate interconnect cable and phono connector influence on the sound quality. 
A 10Hz sub-sonic filter has been incorporated between the input stage and the RIAA equalizer.
As with the input amplifier, RIAA equalization has been achieved through an inverting two-stage amplifier of ultra high accuracy (+0/-.5dB within the RIAA standard).
Available gain is 22dB/1kHz and it has an extended high frequency roll-off. This section of the PP-1 connects directly to the output of the unit.
Total gain of the PP-1 is 62dB, ideal for cartridges with output as low as .2mV. 
In his latest revision of the PP-1, Albert Lukaschek has redesigned the regulation circuitry of the unit's power supply, 
bringing across-the-board improvements in the areas of clarity, focus, and bass control. Integrated circuits are now employed only in the pre-regulator, 
which provides a constant 25 volts to the independent regulators for each gain stage,
which are now implemented with fully discrete transistor regulators.


RIAA equalization: +/- 0.5dB

Integrated rumble filter: 10Hz (-1dB at 20Hz)

Gain at 1kHz: 1280 (62dB)

Crosstalk: below measuring range

Signal/noise ratio (0.5mV 0 ohm): 82dB (IHF “A”)

Maximum input voltage: 5mV (1kHz)

Input Impedance: 22k ohms